The Brand

Critically Acclaimed is a lifestyle and ‘streetwear’ brand, which is currently 3 years strong. The brand was formed from a project that concentrated on hijacking a commonly used marketing phrase – By combining the name and use of visual communication we aimed to take the throw away term “critically acclaimed” and give it substance, direct the readers thoughts directly to us, taking all power away from the original advertising. We found the best form of communication to our audience was through the use of clothing, and so we printed and produced our first ever collection that debuted 9th January 2010.

Influenced by street culture, urban artforms, hip hop, punk and more we work hard to grow our brand into more than just a something you can throw a label on. Producing only the highest quality products along the way, we may not be the biggest but we are a symbol of quality over quantity.

Our collections are a selection of graphic and illustration based t-shirts, headwear, outerwear, and accessories.

Why limit what is still growing into a manifesto? A manifesto has to end; it only details the starting point, whereas we're just getting started. So think of this as ever changing, as our brand is.

From humble beginnings come great things.